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Welcome To Online, Last Updated 9.6.18
Okay so here's a little site just for me! Here's some ways you can get in touch with me:

Email: mayor@jizz.city
Facebook: Rhode Kil
Twitter: @vndervvhelmer
Instagram: @vndervvhelmer

Here's a link to my dumb webcomic.
Now, here's a big ol' portfolio of random art. Mostly album art at the moment because I think that's what I'm gonna gear my stuff towards at the moment.
Please get in touch with me if you want me to do album art for you! I want to do album art for you!

Big Ol' Portfolio of Random Art

Big Rat

A big rat I drew for my friend. Look how nasty this guy is!

Red Album Cover With Yelling Dog

This is an album cover for a self-titled album by Vndervvhelmer, which is the name I will release music under when I actually make something good. There are a lot of random Vndervvhelmer mockups in this portfolio, so strap in!

Jizz City Bastards

A vector logo I designed for my fantasy football team, the Jizz City Bastards. I have no idea how to do fantasy football by the way.

Crazy Name Vector

Check out this cool, stylish metal-esque logo. I'll do this for your band name! Or your actual name! Or any word! Or series of words! Length permitting of course!


If you'd prefer a more traditional metal logo, I can do those too. This is an example of one of those, with the word lawnmower.

My Favorite Animal Is a Deer

By the end of this portfolio, you will never want to see another digitally edited deer skull in your life.

Palace of Fractal Flesh & the Machine

This is an album cover I made but never used for my weird little music project, Don't the Ghost.

Be Very Awake

It took me a very long time to make enough money for this image! Get it? Because of the one hundred dollar bills.

Welcome to the Fire Pit

This is another Don't the Ghost album cover, but this one actually got released. Check it out right here if ya want!

Bad Bitch International

This could be you!

Ace of Holes

A while back, I was working on a Rhode Kil tarot deck. The project is on hiatus for the moment, but I figured I'd throw in some of the cards cuz I like the art!

Ace of Nails

Here's another tarot card. That's gotta hurt!

Doesn't Resonate

This is the cover for an album I made where the lyrics were written pretty much entirely by a neural network. It's fun stuff! I never 'officially' released it, but as a special treat for looking at my portfolio, check it out over here!

Now We Are All Sons of Bitches

Nuclear bombs will do that to ya.


This is an album cover I made for GUNG GUNG. What's GUNG GUNG? Wait and see.

Balancing My Own Eyes

Yes, those are my own eyes and yes, that is my own finger! I never used this cover for anything.

Meat Queen

If you let me do album art for you, I'll be your meat queen forever.

Rainbow Thing With Stuff

It's exactly what it sounds like.


This was a Don't the Ghost single that I released for the New Year. It was on January 3rd, though.

Glitchy Baby God

I don't make as much glitch art as I used to, but I am always happy to create some fun digital chaos.

Fuck What You Heard, Everything Still Sucks

Old unreleased album. I dunno why the image quality went to shit, but the idea is there. ;-]

Psychedelic Goats

This is a picture of three goats standing together.


Similar to the goats, this one is a chicken.

Fuck What You Heard, Everything Still Sucks (Alternate)

Here's an alternate album cover for that unreleased album.

Touching the Robot

Neither Funny Jokes nor Touching the Robot are actual things. Just a fun mockup album cover. Also, I love teeth. Probably my second favorite thing behind deer skulls.

hey, i don't feel great at the moment

Band name? Album name? Just a random sentence? I certainly don't remember. The world will never know.

Pond Club

Here's a logo I made. Look how creepy! Wow!

Tom Waits Singing About Bees

Hey, go check out Tom Waits Paint.

Snow Day Goblin

Watch out! It's a goblin! Just joking, he can't hurt you. :-]

Ace of Tears

Oh hey, more tarot cards.

Nine of Tears

This is the last one I think but no promises.


Wow, never realized how much it looks like the head of a minion until literally this very second.


Another Vndervvhelmer album cover. Might see some use someday! I'm banking on it!

the outer-space adventures of Useless Boy

Yeah there's more GUNG GUNG and no I will not elaborate on what GUNG GUNG is right now.


This is another one that's just fun art with several mysterious words overlaid.

is shoplifting inside of me

Hey it's another Don't the Ghost album. Nice one !

IRL Loser

I forgot how many of these stupid albums I made. Jeez. It's here if ya want it.



I Am What I Shall Become and Robots Made Me

This was the working artist name, album name, and album art for Doesn't Resonate. You'd think I'd be sick of ungulate bones by now.

Fuck What You Heard, Everything Still Sucks (Alternate) (Alternate)

Here's an alternate alternate album cover for that unreleased album.

Crazy Fractal

I don't even think this is a good representation of my art but I had to put it in here cuz just look at that crazy fractal.

Flusterboy Yell Ruckus

I am willing to go on the record that this one is the last of the Don't the Ghost albums.


Some more metal-esque logo work. Mockup for the imaginary album Kumrag by King Dip$hit.


Don't worry, it's not subliminal messaging or anything.

dizzy GOD fractal

Artist picture for an unreleased album I think?

Acid Infinity

This one is old and kinda rough around the edges but I threw it in because if you are still reading after this long, I'm willing to expose my vulnerabilities to you.

Kill Me

Here's another kinda shitty one. It's old. This is how I create trust between me and you!

Okay, since you scrolled this incredible distance through my portfolio, I'm gonna give you my thanks by closing with the best image I've ever created.


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